Geeetech Duplicator 5 DIY 3D Printer Kit


Geeetech Duplicator 5 DIY 3D Printer Kit has a large 230x150x150mm building volume and features 0.1mm high-precision printing.

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Key Features…

  • DIY 3D printer kit allows you to easily build your own 3D printer from scratch
  • Large 230x150x150mm building volume does not limit you to craft small objects
  • 0.1mm high-precision printing lets you print stunning objects at ease
  • Supports an abundance of 3D printing filaments to offer a wide range of printing options

Geeetech Duplicator 5 DIY 3D Printer Kit

Build your own 3D printer with the Geeetech Duplicator 5 DIY 3D printer kit. This amazing DIY kit lets you build your own 3D printer from scratch by following easy instructions. Thanks to this, you won’t need any technical knowledge to put this beauty together. It comes with high-quality components and features a compact design. This makes your 3D printer perfect for small office spaces, work places, or art galleries. Whether you’re a teacher, hobbyist, or artist – this 3D printer brings along great fun and creativity for years to come.

The Geeetech Duplicator 5 3D printer kit comes with the EasyPrint 3D software. This makes your 3D printer easy to control and guarantees a smooth and high-quality end result. Your 3D printer supports different file formats that include G-code. For offline printing options, your printer can read files straight from your USB stick or SD card. Simply insert your designs, and this amazing gizmo lets you create anything your mind can imagine.

With its large 230x150x150 printing volume, your 3D printer allows you to create large-sized objects. It has a 0.1mm printing precision, meaning that you’ll always be treated to a printed object that features a highly-detailed finish. You furthermore can choose to use this cool gadget with a wide range of filaments. Letting you choose from ABS, PLA, Flexible PLA, Wood, and Nylon, the Duplicator 5 offers a wide range of printing choices. It even allows you to print two different colors and filaments at once.


Manufacturer Specifications


    • Print technology: FFF/FDM
    • Build volume: 230x150x150mm
    • Layer resolution: 0.1-0.3mm
    • Positioning Precision: 0.1-0.3mm
    • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
    • Filament type: ABS, PLA, Flexible PLA, Wood, Nylon
    • Max heated bed temperature: about 110 Degrees Celsius
    • Max extruder temperature: about 240 Degrees Celsius
    • Operating system: Windows/Mac/Linux
    • Control software: EasyPrint 3D, Repetier-Host and other 3D printing software
    • File format: .STL, .G-code
    • APP Name: EasyPrint 3D
    • Supported Operating Systems App: Android 4.1 and above
    • Wi-Fi: Optional. Additional WiFi modules can be purchased seperately
    • Dual extruder
    • Power supply Input: 110V/1.5A  220V/0.75A
    • Power supply Output: DC 24V/15A
    • Connectivity: USB, SD card (support stand-alone printing)
    • Body: Quality wooden plank (black)
    • Build Platform: Aluminum plate + MK2A hotbed
    • XYZ Rods: Wear-resistant, stainless steel
    • Stepper Motors: 1.8 Degree step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
    • Display: LCD screen
    • GT2560 control system, 16MHZ
    • Flash memory: 256KB


    • USB
    • SD Card


    • Main Product Dimensions: 467x 313x 375mm (L x W x D)
    • Main Product Weight: 8.5kg
    • Weight/dimension is for the main item of this boxed product

    Package Contents

    • Geeetech wood Duplicator 5 3D Desktop Printer DIY Kit
    • User Manual
    • Component List

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    • 12 month warranty